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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  January 28, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>>co-moderator megan kelley's challeng the donald. also we're with kerrie washington today. and secrets about her daughter. >> one day she's going to hate me for saying that on television. >> and see our exclusive round table on the set of "girls gone wild." >> now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." winter storm donald hits iowa and we're there with trump's plan to steal the thunder fr the gop debate. that is on the way. but starting with tyra, finally letting t word out on her big secret. >> she finally had a baby. >> i hung out with her not a too long with her, and tyra is very private about her love live. but she was gushing about her man and it was so open and
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>> that's my boyfriend, eric. >> you've been dating for like two years? >> we balance each other, he's a creative, and i'm creative and we just have fun. >> that was tyra and erick bag in december, their newborn boy wh announced was born via a surrogate just weeks shy of his arrival. a source tells "e.t" tyra had been harvesting eggs for the last 18 months, she wanted to get pregnant herself, but she was unable to carry the implanted embryos. >> i'm so tired of hearing on kids? you don't know what i'm going through, you have no idea. when i was 23 yearsold, have kids. then when i turned 24, in three years i'm goin have kids. >> why did tyra keep it a
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heart breaks had been so intense with false starts and failed attempts. but his motherhood the reason tyra quit her show after only two months? >> i saw that i could do a talk show and lead my business and make it where i want to it. >> now here's the details you want to know about the b father eric. >> we have got brian here today. it's absolutely stunning. >> the network photographer has two daughters of his and tyra has loved playing stepmom. >> peopl norway, they're not even biking. you do you, she said, no when you here, you model. >> that's so cute and congratulations, btoil. >> tyra didn't let anybody know, she called up a few friends before she posted it on social media and i'm sure many of them
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>> i don't kno she kept it a secret. meanwhile donald trump's boycott on the gop debate. and not even bill o'reilly could bring both sides together. >> i don't think not showing up at the debate tomorrow night is good for america. >> i was not treated by fox, i was a pawn and i said how much of this do you >> bill, bill, let me tell you, you're taking this much more seriously than i am. >> for 15 minutes, bill o'reilly pleaded with trump to reconsider his boycott. up, go forward, answer questions. >> a lot of people thi that maybe bill was borderline begging donald trump to get back into the race last night. >> don't walk away from it. >> bill o'reilly wanted mr. trump to come on his network and supp network and i think everyone understands >> and we are learning more about the trump camp pain's
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this auditorium the site for tonight's event, which is at the very same time as the fox news channel debate. the organizers still finalizing their plans, as you can see by the amount of media, the can debate will once again be a spek can kl. >> and donald trump's al terinfern tiff event -- here's the debate site, the fox news channel producers are having last minute run throughs with the candidates stand ins, and with trump on the sidelines, it appears ted cruz will be on stage. he tweeted today, the debate tonight will be a total disaster, low ratings with advertisers and advertising rates dropping like a rock. i hate to see th >> coming into the lion's den
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>> megan kelley which is a coe moderator of tonight's debate, the journalist had a challenge for trump. >> stand there, engage, do well, do b take on the other guy, let's have a meaningful, substantive exchange. >> he told the revealing story about trump as adad. plus, results on sarah palin and her own short hair cut. that is all on the way. now there's an interesting sight, marsha clark hugging it out with oj. order soft, it's actually the actors who play the real life adversaries people versus o.j. simpson. we got the walk the red carpet of the show's holly debut last night s. >> as for what the real shapiro thinks. >> only one communication, he
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couldn't do it at the time. but he was very happy i was the doing this role. >> collin taylor gave me a review, she seemed to think it was a thumbs-up. she might be a little bit biassed. >> as prosecutor marshaclark, she says she and the rest of the cast did their research and even a little methodacting. >> i was wearing her perfume and watching her videos. >> i hope if anything, he sees portrayal of them as, like i said, that ride or die best friend. >> the trial of the century gripped the nation back in 1995 and the focus of this event was just finding fame back then. >> i remember watching the trial and in fact on the stet of "friends," we would all gather to watch some of the trial. >> there was interest, it
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ratings of the minute my series. just announced, whoopee goldberg and concernkevin hart. leonardo dicaprio may win an oscar. it was leo's language displays skills on display when he met with media this morning. dee cap dee. >> the painting above my crib as a young boy. >> leo who was actually raised a roman catholic as a young boy l.a. was then given copies of two papal encyclicals and a rosary. meanwhile over in england, jay
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>> with the music i instantly -- malik laid low on apple music that there was no room for his own musical direction. >> in the early days, it was do you write it from this perspective? >> and check this out, louie tomlin is enjoying fatherhood. finally here l.a., sarah gilbert celebrated her 41st birthday by giving away recipients recipients. >> there's a time in everybody's life where they need help, so it's nice to be able to to be there for people in those situations. >> as seen tomorrow on talk" one single mother of three lost her husband, an active duty marine to a sudden heart attack. >> i feel like this is a blessing. >> yeah, he's watching over you for sure. >> there's that big heart.
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hear what kerry washington is telling us about the oscar diversity controversy. and kerry's makeup secrets. and rebel wilson's secret
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empire's cover guy talks >> can we be the first say washington. cameron mathis song joined kerr a george washington graduate that's being honored by harvard university. >> it's not even a month in and is off to a great start.
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i'm the woman year. >> kerrie is being toasted and roastsed by harvard university, which means a crazy para with students in drag. given to performers who have a sense of humor and make contributions to society, ms. washington has alwaysspoken up for women of color. >> what's happening this year's oscar is it's giving us a way to talk about things that's a little bit more honest. so it's great. >> always be inclue include sixth. >> this is cocoa color, which is my color that did not exist before. but now exists. >> she also refps opi nailcolor.
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named one of your nail polishes after your little girl. how cool is thatsome. >> inside the isabel way. and that color is just a really beautifu but it's a nude for a skin tone comparable to mine. when i was growing up, nude, like nude stockings, it never was my >> i love kerrie washington. by the she's in great award. she's in good company. i had a chance to go there one ye hang out all day with scarlet johansen. a few cosmos. a roungd table about dating and the sexy co-star. >> it would nice to be someone who go to the gym a lot and doesn't have any hair. and megan kelly, what
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sand watching her weight. >> i went right back to eating
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>> that is next. megan kelly's short new hair do, which she's moderating, it's love it. >> and megan told our senior cut. we're going talk about her new do,politics, and other things including staying in shape. it's the softer side of megan kelly. >> it was riveting television. >> we're not going to chill, in fact it's to drill, baby, drill, down and hold these folks accountable. >> who could take their off her, right? >> she knows how to make a splash. >> in a that cute little camisole. >> she is television's phenom.
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so to watch the two of them next to each other, the dynamic was just riveting. great television. >> donald trump could be our next president. >> he will be back when we need you, for sure. >> get over it, he will be nine, will be nine and america will be just fine too. >> the comments he has made by working mothers, i think it's ironic, that he has a working daughter who's a mother of three children. >> i know someone who knows trump real well. and he tells the story about how an 11-year-old ivanca came over and needed trump's attention and trump was in the m of a meeting with these other powerful executives and these other executives expected him to blow off the daughter, ivanca, and he walked to another part of
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down with her and they attended to her needs. think that speaks beautifully of and the woman she is today speaks wonderfully of him. >> we are huge a fans of it. >> do you like a little bit more lighter, it's e breezy? >> i don't feel lighter because a january and as much as i tried to do the i'm going to lose 5 pounds this january. but there's something psychological about cutting your hair off and i love it. there's something ab that makes you feel empowered and it's strong stuff. >> so the donald backed out of this face-off with megan. but justin bieber speaks about being single. and you know the cozsmopolitans may have helped too.
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>> thanks, you guys. >> why this the perfect valentine's day film? >> if she's single? what are you going to esasay, cry, eatchocolate? >> what else are you going to do? >> stay single. >> no, leslie is married, and carly, dakota and rebel -- well. >> this three of us are single. >> dates and your love interest in the film that he came on the set quite a lot. >> it's just of those things that jake has a nice body and he doesn't have any hair. at all. and and he has a lot of hair. but it's cute and it's different and it's nice for me to b with
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lot and doesn't have any hair. >> by the way their 17-year-old daughter maude the coast of sun dance? advice? >> this feels serious. she has like the cutest body and i, you know, tell her that she should -- b it really doesn't stay like that forever. i told dakota this too. and she took my advice. >> dakota, has your mom given you any good advice? >> she has said to never compromise myself or my work or my dreams for anyone, especially a dude. >> speaking of a dude. what about rebel kelley osborne tries to hook up at a concert last we >> we thought, let's try and
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like on four wheels, we wrote him a note. justin, will you take us out after the show, pick yes or no. and he picked yes six times. >> well, notquite. >> he said oh, i just have to go and have a shower and i'll meet up with youryo -- you guys later. so we went and waited, and he never came. >> what kind of an excuse is a shower? >> he was also with another girl? >> how d >> i feel like i had good gail. here's to being single >> i love it. >> you fabulou ladies, thank you so much. >> you notice that rebel has the only -- she also had the virgin cosmo. rebel said it was 11:00 a.m., so she wasn't allowed to get
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she's a good g >> in our . and we're going to take you
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illustrated" swimsuit issue. beyonce doing beyonce and that's the most terrifying thing i have ever done. welcome back to show, everybody. tonight "e.t" birthday actor got his break? that's elijah wood. he turns 35 today. not a litt anymore. the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue comes out next
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aaron heatherton and emily edejohn nadeau. and what it's like when two dozen gorgeous women all get together to pose in one place. >> what is it like? >> goodbye, everybody. >> kind of summer >> the cover won't be revealed until february 13th. >> we don't find out until like
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so we are all in cuban: for entrepreneurs, making it into the shark tank is the american dream. what about $1.2 million for 20%? yes. all right. aah! whoo!
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